Drapes in Trend: Ruffle Sarees

With the year-end approaching us, we also have the festive and party season coming up. Though not an obvious choice, you can turn heads by donning a chic and elegant saree this season. And nothing better when coupled with gorgeous dreamy ruffles! Ruffles have been one of the hottest trends for quite some time now and it’s definitely here to stay.

  • Ruffle sarees are the perfect modern twist to the otherwise traditional regular sarees and completely worth drooling over. We have some amazing pieces of our floral ruffle sarees which are waiting to be added to your wardrobe.

  • These sarees can be dressed up or down, both for daytime and nigh time events.

  • It caters to a wide age group and is perfect to be paired with your best pearls or an off-shoulder blouse.

  • Starting from fashion shows to red carpets to your Insta feed, ruffles are everywhere and we don’t have a doubt why.

  • These sarees are the full proof ways of making a statement, be it at your besties cocktail night or a special weekend brunch.

  • These sarees can be styled in oh so many ways be it a contrast blouse, statement accessories, waist belt etc. to steal all the attention.

  • These sarees are light, easy-breezy and you can comfortably wear for hours on end.

So, channel your inner retro vibes and choose this stunning Gulshan Ruffle Saree that has a timeless, feminine appeal which will make you stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons. These ruffles will work their magic and help you make voguish statement. So, what are you even waiting for? Grab this dreamy floral drape and re-live your nostalgic days of twirling in frilly frocks!